Manichean Fragments

Second greeting, third…fourth: separation…the wounded, fifth.

Great I fell this fire killing
a hunter to the living self, bound
false witness with flies, with honey

and his mother prayed to the god and
I prayed to the mother beset by the waves.
Like a boulder into the sea, it split and made omens

First that he, second [greeting third], fourth [separation], fifth

The seven planets to seventh that sun
and moon.

He said: collect your limbs, for your redeemer has come.

He thinks she is the essence.

She builds up her own body but destroys
the misbirths of [others].
And the light powers above discomfit all,
while he covers himself in the womb of the earth

And they stand like flies in the honey.

The whole life was swallowed
and all the cleansing everywhere
from above and below and
in it, he would stand
the maiden light.


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