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The frenetic squirrels in the fall exhaust me. Their maddening and single-minded focus. They will never be sated by all the acorns they bury, only to forget. How do you know when you’ve done enough? It can’t be when the … Continue reading

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In the expectation there was a pain so subtle and poignant: a frigid flutter passing quickly only to return, later, with a gasping force. You could just see the end where we started. From the shore, I watched for a … Continue reading

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Reflections on my experience in Charlottesville

I wish I could tell you that it was an easy decision to go down to Charlottesville, that I was committed and convicted that being there was the right thing from the moment mid-July I first learned about the white … Continue reading

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Crisis and Opportunity in the Muslim World

I am currently in Morocco for the Marrakesh Declaration and Call to Action, a three-day gathering of prominent Sunni and Shia scholars (though primarily Sunni) from around the world who have come together to affirm the rights of minorities within … Continue reading

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Fruit of Labor

At long last, our book was released officially on September 15th! Can’t tell you what a relief this is, after such a long incubation period. The  project that led to this book was launched in 2010, a joint effort by … Continue reading

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This sermon was preached by Rev. Dr. Stephanie Paulsell, one of my former seminary professors and an inspiration in the art of making scholarship a ministry to others and an act of devotion. She offered this reflection at a Seven Last … Continue reading

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“I no longer love blue skies”

This is adapted from a talk I gave on January 24th at an interfaith conference on drone warfare held at Princeton Theological Seminary. I was invited to speak from a faith perspective about the use of weaponized drones as a tactic of modern … Continue reading

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Praying the Hours

The ice slabs on the river groan when the terce sun strikes them, cracking as the cold night lifts to expose them. I listen to their shifting from here, above the sound of wood dissolving in the stove’s growing heat. Tonight … Continue reading

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First Love

It was most of all the way you’d proclaim your self-importance in morning granola served mixed together with organic yogurt and my fruit, frozen hard. I always came second to your child which was the way it should be. But at bedtime he … Continue reading

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An Advent Awakening in Ferguson

“For the third time he spoke to them: ‘Why, what wrong has he done? I have not found him guilty of any capital offense. I will therefore flog him and let him go.’ But they persisted with their demand, shouting … Continue reading

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