Found Women

As a student of international relations and diplomacy, you are taught the importance of employing both carrots and sticks in attempts to foster better human rights behavior. In that vein, I created this page in October 2014 in order to celebrate when I stumble across public religious and interfaith events that are more gender balanced, or even have majority female representation (Note: if you are coming to this page without having seen Missing Women, please visit that first. Then come back. Go ahead, we’ll wait.)

I do not include for consideration panels that are addressing specifically women or child-centered issues, but general topics on religion. Big kudos for the organizers of these events!


5/7/15: The Berkley Center has invited Graeme Wood from the Atlantic, who wrote a controversial on just how Islamic ISIS is, to speak at an event entitled “Representations of ISIS and the Public Understanding of Religion.” On the panel responding to him are three women and one other man. Kudos!


2/17/15: I just noticed this event that happened at USIP, for which I cannot take credit. High five to my colleague Lucy Kurtzner Ellenbogen for having a panel a public USIP event of mostly women discuss the attack on a school in Jerusalem that promotes Arab/Israeli relationships.


12/7/14: Melissa Harris-Perry had two female faith leaders on her show this morning to discuss faith and racism in response to the Ferguson-based movement in the United States. Melissa is herself a student of religion, so that makes 3 female faith leaders on this panel. Watch the video feed here.


11/9/14: A photo of the plenary session of an event held by the Justice and Witness Ministries of the United Church of Christ was just posted on Facebook. the topic was “Where are the fires of justice burning?” Three women, two men.


11/3/14: I received an invitation to an event on Islamophobia at Georgetown University co-sponsored by the Institute for Social Policy and Understand and the Alwaleed bin Talal Center for Muslim -Christian Understanding. There are three female speakers and two male.


10/29/14: I received a notice today about an event in DC taking place in November 2014 entitled “The Reformation Project.” The conference will be: “Providing training and resources on how to talk about the Bible and LGBT issues with non-LGBT-affirming Christians” and “Connecting LGBT-affirming Christians with like-minded people in their local areas who can support them as they seek to open up more constructive dialogue on LGBT issues in their faith communities.” On their list of speakers there are twenty women, twenty men, and one gender non-identifying participant.


These aren’t all the speakers, but this serves as a representative snapshot to display the gender balance of the event.

I feel a little smarmy promoting my self/institution here, but bearing in mind we often get it wrong by having male-dominated panels on religion, I include here a photo I had on my computer of an event we held in 2012 about religion, speech, and conflict after the attacks in Benghazi following the online publication of an anti-Islamic video on the internet.


1 Response to Found Women

  1. Taqee Khaled says:

    I love that you document this and the opposite phenomenon, friend. This page heartened me!

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